Bushcraft for Home Education

These sessions are all about learning how to enjoy nature in many different ways. Our hands-on activities teach children lots of new and exciting skills which will last them a lifetime. As well as tangible outdoors skills, we also develop many different social skills, resourcefulness and confidence.

If kids do not want to partake in an activity and want to make their own fun – great! Andy and his team will be on hand to ensure they have everything they need to make the most of their time in the bush!

Below is a list of themes that activities are based on each week. If your child has anything they particularly want to cover in a session, let us know, and we will accommodate!

  Shelter making – how to build a series of different shelters.
  Fairy / animal homes – how to build tiny homes for your furry friends.
  Fire starting – various ways to create an ember and start a fire using natural and artificial tinders.
  Water filtration – the many ways to find and process water to drink.
  Natural navigation – how to find your way using the sun.
  Whittling – wands, tools, models, you name it! Younger children can get involved, using potato peelers to start their whittling adventures
  Cordage – how to make string from natural materials

  Natural art – how to create art using natural materials, including charcoal and natural dyes and art tools
  Basic foraging – learn what is edible around us and even have a try!
  Wild cooking – how to cook on a fire
  Woodland Games – Tug of War, Hide and Seek Tig and Stalker are some of our favourites!
  Bushcraft projects – towers, ramps, catapults, slingshots, the list is endless!
  Assault Courses – because it’s just good ol’ fashioned fun!

Sessions are held at Clifton Country Park and last 2.5 hours, starting at 1.00pm and ending at 3.30pm. All sessions will include various activities listed above but will always include woodland games and snacks around the fire.

For children aged 8+, parents are welcome to drop their children off for the duration. If younger than 8, we ask the parents to stay for the session. They can either kick back and enjoy the woods with a cuppa or learn some new skills with their children (parents often want to get as involved as the kids!)

All attendees will need suitable clothing and footwear for an afternoon in nature’s playground. Busy Bushcraft will provide shelter at the site.

Cancellation policy

Please contact us 24 hours before your booked session to cancel or reschedule.

Contact details


2 hours 30 minutes


Clifton Country Park, M27 6NG
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Why choose us?

Get Hands on!

Kids are taught how to use tools safely and effectively

Qualified Instructor

Learn from our qualified instructor who teaches in a fun and informative way

Develop Skills

We teach skills which will last a lifetime

Have fun!

Learn about the many ways to enjoy the great outdoors

What our busy bushcrafters

(and parents) say

We all (including two adults!) had so much fun! Would completely recommend.

Keeley Lord

Nerf Wars…kids had a great time, loads of gun swops, ‘epic mum!’ was the verdict!

Alexandra Aspinall

I don’t know who loved this more me or the kids!! Recommend to everyone to come try this !!!!

Kate Burns

The kids had an amazing time at the Zombie Nerf event today, thank you so much BusyBushcraft it was amazing, I would definitely recommend this. The staff were so entertaining. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids and what a workout!

Clair Hilton

My son absolutely loved the Halloween nerf session in Haslingden. He wants to do it again! Thank you very much for a fun afternoon.

Debra Waitwright

My 10 year old daughter was a little reluctant to attend the nerf games session today but she gave it a go and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Didn’t want to leave! The amount of planning was fantastic and the ‘professor’ was brilliantly in character!

Louise Donohue

Absolute fantastic event today at the zombie nerf wars… My son had an absolute blast! So much, we can’t wait for the next one!!

Ashley McDermott

The kids had loads of fun at Zombie Nerf Wars today. The guys running it were great fun, full of energy and dealt with 20+ kids fantastically. Will defo look out for future events. Thank you.

Allie NB

Took my son and his friend zombie nerfing , they had an amazing time, the people who ran it had an amazing energy, would go again for definite.

Kayla Cook

Den building, foraging, fire lighting, tug of warring and friendship building! My daughter, who had reservations before going as it dragged her away from her screen , is now begging to go again next week and had an absolute blast with Bushcraft Andy! So lovely to see her come home rosy cheeked with muddy knees and a smile from ear to ear.

Clair Sullivan

My 8 year old came home today and the first thing she said was “can I go again?” Lovely friendly people who run it and they encourage children to be kids. Get messy, mess in the dirt, climb trees and of course, toast marshmallows!!! They are busy all day and come back with new skills and tired out. Wonderful, we can’t wait to come back.

Pam Wooler

My son came home literally buzzing from bushcraft today. He has been taking about the adventures all evening. He loved making new friends and learning lots. He begged me to book another session ASAP!

Emma Pevitt

The kids were involved in every moment of it, with plenty to keep them interested and some really neat nature tricks to come home with. My 8 Yr old has been so angry at the world recently, with lots of issues happening around him, this session helped him to come out his shell and go back to the wonderful, confident child I know. Thanks so much Andy

Georgina Baddley

A great session which was suitable for all ages. The children could get involved as much or as little as they liked. So many engaging activities and Andy is very knowledgeable!

Danielle Leanne

Busy Bushcraft is such a well thought through and fun approach to Bushcraft… and as an ex teacher and youth worker I’ve attended LOTS of Bushcraft sessions! I really feel like each session they will walk away with a real-life skill and more confidence in their own ability to explore and be themselves. Thank you guys!

Sabiha Iqbal

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